Thursday, October 15, 2009

Cold Days

The house is quiet. The rain is falling softly near the window. The furnace tics and roars like an unquiet lion scratching and complaining in his den. I'm trying to let my head settle before going back to sleep. 

Today was the first day the weather was cold enough to be uncomfortable and to make me glad of the warmth of the car's heater and the smell of cooked food in the house. I know it won't be long now before we're spending more time inside than out. I'll miss the kind weather. 

This weekend we'll pull out the warm cloths we stowed back in June, and mothball up the summer shorts and short sleeved shirts and light cotton things that are no longer practical. We'll pull the blankets and throws down from the high shelves in the closets and go looking for them in the various corners of the house my daughter leaves them when the nights are cold like tonight. 

The year is changing. I wonder what will happen. 

Going to bed now. Hope the rest of the night is restful. Tomorrow is also supposed to be cold and rainy. I'll be up in a few hours making coffee - there's another something that feels better when the weather is cold; coffee and books. 

Good night. 


Elizabeth said...

coffee and books -- that sounds divine

David Sexton said...

Hi Elizabeth,
They're my lifelong friends, those two. The cold weather gives me time to catch up with them. Hope you are well.