Friday, November 27, 2009

Thankful Days

As I put my head down to rest last night I listened to the unfamiliar sounds at the home of my wife's mother: The furnace, the creaking of the cross beams on the second floor, the occasional hum of a neighbors car, my wife tapping on the computer downstairs or laughing at something she'd read or seen on television; the sounds of the day letting go into rest. 

And my own thoughts for my family, my friends, my work, my dreams came in and out of my inner sight like guests at a celebration; in and out of the flickering light of a nighttime affair. More even than at the new years day, I think of the past year on Thanksgiving. I think all the way back to being a child and wondering what it meant to be thankful. 

This year, I know, will stand tall among the years in my life. There are many things to remember. There is much to be thankful for. Here are the things that I am most thankful for: 

  • That my son's condition is known and that he is better and we are better at helping him. 
  • That my daughter is healthy and full of delight and a good big sister. 
  • For my wonderful wife; my heart, my love, my reason. 
  • To be still employed in such financial turmoil and to be doing work that I am proud of. 
  • For President Obama and to be a citizen of this country who elected him. 
  • For Dawn Zimmer, our new mayor of Hoboken - you also give me hope. 
  • For my great neighborhood and the caring people who make it our home. 
  • For everyone whose encouraged me to write, and to Lisa Belkin who let me guest blog on Motherlode and Louise Kinross who let me guest write on Bloom.  
  • For every act of kindness I received and gave. 
  • For good therapists and doctors and nurses and counselors and advocates. 
  • To be healthy. 
  • To have the use of my wits and faculties, and the will to use them well. 
  • For all the teachers I encountered. 
  • For my grandmothers who look over me and my uncle Harry and Aunt Agnes who were like grandparents to me. 
  • For the family that raised me and the one that I joined. 
  • For Richard and Shelia and everyone whose needed help in the hospital this year. 
  • For all the writers who inspired me and taught me and educated me. 
  • For all the moms and dads who visit my blog and encourage me. 
  • For my brother's PhD. and my sister's efforts to found a school. 
  • For another year to be kind and hardworking and helpful and full of hope. 
There's too much to list really. It makes me wonder why I complain so much or ever think my days are bitter. 

Please share what you're thankful for if you have a moment. 

Happy Thanksgiving. 


the crucible said...

For the magic unforeseen Hope brings.

For the miracle of beating well-documented medical literature's odds.

For the quiet, unnoticed support of community, family, friends and advocates that stokes our Hope.

For the joy that each early morning a toddler's internal alarm clock starts our day, and the weariness we savor, knowing the excruciation well-rested days without would portend.

For the luxury of griping about the Normal.

For being employed in what I was trained. More importantly, for having the health insurance from said employment to beat above-mentioned odds.

For the continuing astonishment and joy at hearing the phrase "President Obama..." on the radio.

For the continued (albeit questionable and gripe-worthy)health and wellness of my given and chosen families.

For the privilege to have a life-partner who works as hard as
I do on our continuing journey as partners, parents, professionals and members of our own originating families.

For the luxury of good luck and perseverance in choosing parents who gave me what I needed when I needed it, schools and colleges that continued to do the same, and the commensurate friends and families that emerged from the decadent abundance therein.

Lisa said...

Happy (belated) Thanksgiving David. One of the reasons I love doing the work I do is I get to introduce readers to writers like you. It's been great "meeting" you and your family.
Lisa Belkin

David Sexton said...

Hi Bo's Mom,
Thank you. I hope your little guy is doing well. I love your blog.

Take Care,

David Sexton said...

Hi Lisa,
Thanks again. Hope your holiday was fun and you and your family are doing well. Please look us up if you are ever in Hoboken.

Take Care,

Cathy said...

As a teacher, I love that you listed teachers. I hope your sister finds success and joy in starting a school.

David Sexton said...

Hi Cathy,
Thanks. I have great respect for teachers. The more I come to understand, the more I believe they do some of the most important work in the world.

My sister has been trying to get the funding to rebuild a local elementary school that had gone vacant for several years.

The good news is that they won the votes they needed in the local election! So my sister (and her fellow school champions) got the funding they needed. Construction starts in the fall.

We're all really proud of her. It will be great for all the kids in that town.

Hope you are well.