Thursday, December 3, 2009

A little Foggy

Tonight is one of those nights where I'm still up and moving when my head has long since drifted off course. Cleaning the oven, changing holiday decorations (Halloween to Chanukah), laundry, dishes and clearing the clutter on the first floor - lots of stuff that needs doing. 

There's a cool draft of air from the open windows on the first floor. That smell of a cleaning oven is so strong and reminds me so strongly of my mother doing the same job years ago. She'd get into one of these modes - just get over it and do it modes - and the house would be filled with the sounds of her industry for hours. 

The one benefit to these fits of cleaning is that when I finally do wear myself out, I'll be exhausted. That and no matter how much or little sleep I get tonight, I'll wake up to a well cleaned and ordered house. It's a comfort. 

I also find that these fits seem to cycle in between creative bouts for me. Almost like a moon cycle, I can count on the light receding from the sky until the moon is just a veiled shadow in the silky black sky. I can feel the curtain draw over my mind and I draw away from writing and creating and begin to order and take stock again. 

Not much longer now. Soon I'll be resting. If I'm tired enough it will be a dreamless rest. That's a comfort too. 

Good night. 

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