Tuesday, November 16, 2010


I think they call it grit
Because it's all you have to grasp at
When your gasping from being
Knocked down and are too stupid
To stay down.

I think they call it grit
Because it feels like sand in motor oil
In the pit of your stomach
When you tell the big guy
To say that one more time.

I suspect I've had it from time
To time if only because it grates like a
Thin gravel layer between my bills and the
Bottom of my bank account, and rings like the little
Truth spoken to those who can hurt me.


tekeal said...

what a wonderful writer you are, and father it seems as well. as i muster my way through mindfulness, i am always so relieved to hear others' stories of the challenges, little lights going on, inspirations, dark tunnels, love... all reminding me of my own. thank you for sharing about your family.

David Sexton said...

Thanks Tekeal.