Sunday, December 26, 2010


I haven't heard thunder in a snowstorm since I was a kid growing up in Boston, which tells me how much power is out there tonight. I feel sometimes, when I see the great swirl of clouds from a satellite image that some continent sized hand is stirring the atmosphere with a wooden spoon that would make the Empire State Building look like a toothpick.

How small the weather can still make me feel; small like I used to feel when my father would swing me up on his shoulders. Small and full of wonder.

I had the kids out this morning while the snow was still just a dancing of dust and the sidewalks looked as if someone had just sprinkled powdered sugar on them. Bundled up in their coats and snow pants and boots, they ran around chasing snowflakes at our local park for a good 45 minutes or so before I brought them back for a hot lunch.

I'm glad now I got them out. The rest of the day proved unbearable. And it's amazing how just a little time out in the fresh air gives them some peace. The both went to sleep without a fight after baths tonight.

I'm watching the snow mount up into great fantastic shapes like white elephants above the cars outside, half stunned at how beautiful it is, and half wondering if we'll lose power tonight - I sure hope not.

A winter storm is a wonder and a worry.

I think about what the morning will be like tomorrow. Checking email to see what the attendance policy will be at work, shoveling out the walk, watching the kids bounce off the walls, listening to see when the sun and the temperatures will begin to clear the roads down to pavement again. Best not to think of it I guess.

And sometimes I can forget tomorrow for a while. I'll look at the weather and try to feel like I'm small again. Like I'm five or eight or eleven and my only thought for the storm was whether there would be enough snow to cancel school and go sledding.

Good night.


GingerB said...

I'm always glad to see your posts, David - you are a lovely writer. I always think I'll be reflective when I write and then I just post on the news of my moment because I run out of time, so I always find your reflections refreshing. Stay warm! On a more practical note, do you have any problems with your boy getting cold? My daughter seems extremely temperature sensitive, and none of the docs we see give any answer other than that it must be CP related. But I don't see us romping in the snow for any extended time. I'm glad you did, to celebrate the moment at hand.

David Sexton said...

Hi Ginger,
Thanks for saying such nice things about my writing. I'm a fan of your blog too.

We've been in snow city all day - 30 inches here in Hoboken. We're good and stuck, but the power is still on so it's been fun.

I will ask about temperature sensitivity. I haven't observed anything particular with my boy. He does like to wear a hat and mittens, which I was surprised at, but I haven't noticed him getting upset or uncomfortable when we go from the warm house to the outside.

I will ask the therapists if they know if this is a common symptom for CP kids.

Hope all else is well with you.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed this post as well! I am wondering if the conditions where you live have improved since Sunday - ? I don't guess you will be posting without power, eh?

Hope your New Year's weekend is navigable! Barbara

David Sexton said...

Thanks Barbara. Just got inside from more shoveling. One of my neighbors is helping me to dig out some more of our block - we're still a little blocked in.

We never did lose power though, which was very lucky; so the house has been warm and the hot water never ran out.

Hope all is well with you.