Monday, April 4, 2011

Bicycles an Swings

Yesterday was my first day of Spring. We broke out my daughter's bicycle and my son's trike and tore up the walkways at our local park. I felt a little like a father robin out for a test flight with my little nestlings.

Except the little birds aren't all that little; my son is getting both hands up on the handlebar (and the swing ropes) and my girl is nearly riding solo on her two wheeler - the winter changed a few things on me.

"Give me that bike back!" my son demanded when it came time to head home and added (for my understanding), "It's not night time - sorry."

I had worried he might not be ready yet - what was I thinking? I think it's me that's not ready.

I'm wondering if this is going to be the norm going forward - having my mind blown at each quarter turn of nature's stop watch? I feel a little like the relay racer who sees the baton rush away in a blur while he catches his breath. I feel as though the all to brief time where we run side to side for the hand off will go by before I have time to catch my breath.

Happy spring everyone.
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