Tuesday, April 10, 2012


I'm resetting my little blog tonight. I feel like I'm ready to update clock that lost a few minutes over time. I've known it's a little off, gotten used to it in fact, but haven't made a move to bring it back in line with time.

My son's asleep. My daughter is finishing up her art project (she promises) and will be going to bed shortly.

And I'm wondering how I got here. In the months since I last posted, we've sold our little house and are preparing to buy another. We're sitting in a little apartment that until two days ago I'd never seen before (and probably won't again by the time that July rolls in).

We're in transit. I've got that just having gotten off the plane for a business trip feeling. A little relieved and a little disoriented and a little knowing I have to ignore both feelings and get to work.

"What happened to my house," my little guy has been saying as he wanders around the stacks of boxes in the unfamiliar surroundings. Its not an unhappy question. He's just a little baffled.

I don't know how to explain the fact that we don't have a house and won't have one for a few months.

"Do you want a cookie," is my typical response and so far it's worked at keeping him distracted.

I've been watching old movies and reading Agatha Christie mysteries and re-reading Tolkien and trying to use the same distraction technique to stop my own unanswerable questions about this transition. I'm a little baffled too - What did happen to my house?

So I'm thinking its a good time to reset the clock. It's time to go back to some good habits. It' time to discover what there is to know about us when the place that we call home is no longer there. It's time to write.

Good night.

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